Country Quiz | Countries Of the world quiz

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Country Quiz is a countries of the world quiz, you will challenge your knowledge of the globe with difficult and fun questions. It will test your information about the capitals, currencies, flags, maps, cities, famous landmarks, rivers, seas and continents.

Play and gain more points, advance your rank, challenge your friends and find out who is the international expert.

The game has over 3000 questions about the countries of the world. If that is not challenging enough, you race against the clock to answer as many questions as possible, the more answer the more points you get.

If you think you know enough about the world. this game will make you think again.

You will learn about:

  • Countries of the world
  • Cities of the world
  • Capitals of the world
  • Continents and their countries
  • Rivers of the world
  • Seas of the world
  • Flags of Countries
  • Famous Landmarks of countries
  • Currencies of Countries
  • Locations of countries on the map.

With these fun countries of the world game, you are guaranteed to end each level knowing more about the nations of the world.

This countries of the world quiz tests your general knowledge of countries and capital cities of countries, flags of nations, their currencies, locations and famous landmarks, continents and countries and a lot more.

All in a format that will challenge your knowledge and allow for better retention of information if you did not know it before. the optimal way to practice.

If you are stuck you are able to use the help methods:

  • Pause to catch your breath.
  • Change a hard question
  • Strike out 2 options

It offers a great, fun experience for you to learn more about the cities of the world, capital cities of the world, You can learn cool new facts about Continents and their countries, rivers and seas of the world.

Download now and have fun with countries of the world quiz, Share with your friends to challenge them and see who is the true "International Expert"

The app is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and many others. So you can learn the capital cities of countries and continents and their countries, rivers of the world and all other information in multiple foreign languages.

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